Monday, February 2, 2015

When I find new techniques that make crocheting easier or make the finished product look more "polished" I always get so excited. I've been using both of these for awhile, but thought I would share the links to the online tutorials for anyone else who would like to try them!

The Foundation Double Crochet is pretty much amazing, and I've become slightly obsessed with using it in most of my new hat patterns. When working a hat from the brim up, I always detested the lack of stretch caused by the beginning chain. And then I found a hat pattern that I just ADORED by Moogly. (Can I add right here that I've never found a Moogly pattern that I didn't LOVE!?) The hat pattern was the Ups and Downs Slouchy Beanie, I've made 4 of them! Included in that pattern was the FDC stitch and a link to the tutorial. It's so easy. I've had several of my testers who have never used it tell me they caught on quick and they LOVE how it looks. And, you no longer have that lack of stretch from the beginning chain! Here is a link to take you right to the tutorial. Look around her blog, there are ever so many amazing tutorials and free patterns!   FDC Tutorial on Moogly

Now, for the other technique! I've been using this one for quite awhile, and I want to share it! Again, it makes your completed project look so much nicer. I find myself using it in place of the turning chain in almost all of my work now. There is a super easy to follow tutorial on Charmed by Ewe's blog. Her tutorials are all very easy to follow and understand. And, I do have to say that I adore every one of her patterns. She is the one who encouraged and inspired me to publish my own patterns. While mine never seem to be as AMAZING as hers, I'm learning!  The alternate DC turning chain is super easy to learn, and is so much prettier than a chain 3 at the beginning of your row. I am starting to sound like I just don't care for those pesky chains! I honestly just don't care for how they look! And, I've also recently started using another technique to make my beginning chain and first row prettier. I will post a tutorial about that later!

Anyone who crochets, or crafts at all, knows that you are always learning new things.  I am constantly learning new things, and want to share them with everyone!

Oh, and since Valentine's Day is coming up, here is a link to an adorable free pattern by Charmed by Ewe! I haven't had time to try this one out yet, but I'm hoping to get time soon!  Sweetheart Wrist Warmer. Let me know what you think!

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