Saturday, November 21, 2015

As Christmas approaches much faster than we are ready for, I would just like to put out a friendly reminder to those of you who are wanting handmade items for gifts this year.

Basically anytime after November 1st is too late to order a custom item.  And here is why.

It takes time to get the materials. Most crafters do not have an endless supply of materials in different colors, textures, fibers, etc. We have to find what you want and then order it. We then have to hope it's in stock and can be delivered in a timely manner. Also, this means paying shipping costs for the materials. (Yes, you WILL be paying for this!)

After the materials arrive, we then have to still make your item(s)! This takes time! Almost all of us have families, jobs, lives that do not revolve around YOUR order. Most crafters I know give about a 4 week turn around for orders during the off season. This is why we quit taking Christmas orders at the beginning of November. We know that our turn around time is going to be longer due to more orders and a busier season in our own lives.

Once completed, we have to get the order delivered to you. Sometimes this involves shipping it, sometimes it just means trying to find a time that works for both of us to meet up and deliver it. Do not expect us to just drop everything to be able to meet you at your earliest convenience. As mentioned before, we do have other things going on in our lives. We do not just sit at home surrounded by yarn, glitter and scissors waiting to come running when you text us "can we meet in 10 minutes?" The answer to that most of the time is going to be "No. Just no."  And if you do set up a time to meet and don't show up? Expect to pay to have the item shipped.

Please try to remember that you are not our only customer! We complete orders in the same order they are paid for. Just because you ordered 2 weeks ago, if you have not paid up yet, your order has not been started. Unless you have been specifically told that you can pay when we meet you to deliver, expect to pay up front before materials are even purchased. We cannot afford to pay for your materials out of our own pockets. If you are going to take forever to pay us, then your order is going to get pushed down the list. We will go to the next paying customer. What does this mean when you DO pay? No, we are not going to bump you up to the top of the list now. We are still going to make orders in the same order they are paid. It's only fair!

You say you need your items NOW! Like yesterday!? And can you just pay a rush fee? Eh....probably not. For lack of a nicer way of saying it, you are not any more important than my other customers. It is unfair to customers who thought ahead and ordered weeks ago. I'm not going to push their orders down the list because you are willing to pay extra. It's poor customer service to everyone else who has already paid.

You are ordering multiple items? GREAT! Can you get a discount? hahahhahaha. Uhm, no. This is probably one of the most insulting things you can say to some one. Do you go into your local Walmart and expect a discount if you are buying multiple items? Probably not. And if you do, good luck to you!  Asking for a discount is like saying you do not value our time. We are not paying any less for your materials if you order multiple items. We are not spending any less time working on your items. We do not get a discount when purchasing the materials. We do not get a discount when shipping your items to you.

While some people may see this as rude, it's just the truth. We are not crafting machines. We are people, too. People with jobs, kids, social lives. People who still need to cook and clean, run kids to soccer practice, grocery shop, and SLEEP!  So, if you try to place a custom order and get told "I'm sorry, I just don't have the time," don't get angry. Order earlier next year!

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