Tuesday, October 6, 2015

So, this is peak ordering season for all of my fellow hookers. I would just like to put out a few friendly reminders to everyone.
1. No, we cannot put your order in front of others, even if you pay extra. It's not fair. You should have ordered with enough time to allow us to get it done.
2. No, it will NOT be cheaper if you buy the yarn yourself. No one I know "upcharges" for materials. We charge you what it costs for them, plus our time to make it. Not to mention, if you aren't a crocheter yourself, you have NO IDEA what yarn will work for certain patterns, the hook size, etc. Yes, I get that it's "pretty," but it's also a pain in the ass to work with it and isn't functional for the "warm and long lasting" hats you want for your kids.
3. No, we can't make it for you any cheaper. You want cheap, buy China made at Walmart. You want handmade and unique, then you pay for that. If you see ANYONE selling "crocheted" owl hats for $5 on Etsy. Guess what? Etsy changed their policies. They allow crap that's mass produced to be sold on there now. That "crocheted" hat is knitted by a machine run by an 8 year old kid in Indonesia. I can assure you that no one who crochets can make an owl hat for $5 and make even $1 for their time.
4. And never, EVER, EVER ask someone "if I buy the yarn, will you make this for me for free?" Uhm. HELL NO? That is a huge insult to any crafter. You are saying to them "I can't make this myself, and I don't value YOU OR YOUR TIME enough to pay you to do it for me." If you won't want to pay for the labor, then teach yourself to crochet. When you have, I can assure you that you will then understand exactly how insulting it is to suggest any of the above.
5. Above all, don't order something you have no intention of following through with. And, don't get offended if you are asked to pay up front. None of us makes enough money to be able to pay for materials up front all of the time, and then have people not pay for their items.
(And yes, that was being friendly! It will keep your from hurting someone's feelings, or REALLY PISSING THEM OFF!)

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